Shake by Samantha TM
Start feeling fitter and happier today!

This is where your journey starts…

​Get yourself out there, try something new, dance off your worries and shake away the blues.

Our dance workouts are for you, yes you!

With ‘Shake’ you can forget about a bad day, the mundane chores, the to-do list, the office job you may be falling out of love with, the woe’s and throws of the day to day juggle we call; life. 

Instead you can feel liberated, sexy, empowered, healthy, motivated and meet like minded people too.

You can get that ‘night out’ feeling of letting your hair down-but without the hangover!

Together we can face mental health and learn to love ourselves again, enjoying the journey on the way. 

​Whether you want escapism, to socialise, to achieve weight loss, to tone up or just to have a dance and enjoy yourself, this dance fitness class is for all.

​Just keep moving, one step at a time.

We will see you soon. 

Samantha x

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